Shanti Vidhi

At the Birth time of Boy or Gir, which nakshatra is going on and which tithi(Day) Birth is taken according to that Day Shanti (Peace) Vidhi advise is given.

We are doing different kinds of Shanti Vidhi which are as follows

A Child Born in Mul Nakshatra for this Mul Shanti(Peace) Word is to be done. is necessary its effect of Shanti(peace) to a child and its parents father, mother, grand father, grand monther and Nana Nani, They all are effected. If this Mul Shanti(peace) is not done can affects to all mentioned persons.

A Child Born in Jestha Nakshatra can effect to self and this in benefit of self and its family. Jestha Nakshatra work can be done the Life Problem. are solved smoothly and life become smooth.

A Child born in Ashlesha Nakshatra. This vidhi gives good effects to the child and its father and mother.

A Child Born in Vaidhruti Nakshatra. For this Shanti(Peace) Vidhi work done and if not done there is obstal and mind but unpeace is there. After this vidhi person avoidness obstacle and work is progressively achieve.

A Child Born in Vyatipath Nakshatra. For this Shati(Peace) is essential to be done for Shanti(Peace). If not done there is obstacle comming good work is not done. Labh yog and to get a child obstacle come in life. After done this vidhi non all obstacle are prevent and avoid in Life.

A Child Born on New Moon Day Birth Peace Nakshatra for this Shanti(Peace) work is essential to be done for Shanti(Peace). If not Done than hapiness in the House, Office, and other places is unpeace in Life. Mother's health is not good Mentally is not fit. If this Shanti(Peace) vidhi work is essentially done than all problems are solved early.

A Child is Born on Chandash Nakshatra. In Vad Born before amavashya new monday for this shanti(Peace) work is to be done essentially because childhealth does not remain good and mother father both does not live happily or quarel among them. After Shanti(Peace) vidhi done properly there is peace and prevail in life and obstacle are prevent and avoid.

In this Yog A Child is born is become frequently angry due to the relatives are spoil. If doing hard work does not get good benefit this peace work is done in proper way than all obstacle and problems are prevent and avoid in Life.

A Child Born in the Vidhan Karan Birth Peace. Due to this he has to face other angriness if he do hard work but does not get benefit. Benefits are earn by others. His mind mentally disturb. If this Shanti(Peace) Vidhi done in proper way than all problems are solved and gets all good benefits obstacles are avoid.