For making New House, Shop, Factory, Hospital, Show Room, Renovation Work etc... Many Mistake or error done in which many living beings, insects or animal have been violated in its order. In Shashtra Vastu Shanti Yagna is to be done which gives good effect of happiness, peace and good achievement and more progress.

Now a days Vastushastra becomes very popular at everywhere for Renovation and Purchasing new Home, Office and Factory. We here providing the guidlines about any kind of Vastushastra problems.

The arrangement of the Maingate, Drawingroom, Guestroom, Pooja room etc.. are depend upon person's Rashi (Sunsign) by which we can decide that which place gives you good or bad effects and by what changes makes at your place you get relief and solve your problems.

We also guid for Hospitals, Petrolpumps, Shops etc..

For Guidlines or Problems of Vastushastra please feel free to Contact Us.