Lagna Vidhi

According to Hindu Religion there are Sol (16) Sanskar one of them is Lagna Vidhi (Marriage Ceremony).
There are mainly three types of vidhi

  1. Ganesh Sthapan and Mandap Muharat
  2. Graha Shanti
  3. Wedding Ceremony (Vivah Sanskar)

We request God Ganeshji to help us completeing our Ceremony without any problem, successfully, easily and also doing pandal muharat.

This pooja is specially done for peace and happiness in the life of the couple and family.

Husband & Wife have to take oath at that time of fera feri in Hasth Melap. 7 oath "Saptpadi" by to stay along with in life. Husband & Wife Live Life with happiness, peaceful and Both family life peacefully & prosperous to be maintained by Husband & Wife. by doing Surya(Sun) Pujan & Chandra (Moon) Pujan this make Both Life Passes happily and Prosperously. This thing are mentioned in our Shastra

In any type Karm Kand Work before starting this ceremoney. Our great Rushi Muni have advise to do Khat Muharat Pujan in our shatra, which gives effect to solve our problem in time and without any wrong problem aries gives good success.

This vidhi is done for Unity and Peace of the family members of the house