Shri Shivji's mercy this Yagna work is mentioned in Shastra with mercy of god this yagna done family and relatives live with good health also good wealth are achieved.
This is Mahadevji's Yagna. This can be done in two ways :
  • By Offerign method : Hom matak This gives good benefits of fruits Yagna can be done
  • Pathasmle without Yagna cab be done.
This Atirudra Yagna is also mention in our Shashtra, in Whose fortune this yagna written in his fortune can do this yagna & in his life lord shiv's excessive mercy on him He is like kuber.
In House, out of House, factory and in Business any profession for Best Achievement and good progress in above sector this Navchandi Maha Yagna must be done is essential for the best achievement obstacle are avoid we are getting good progress land and House problems are solved (one day process).
This Yagna is done for the place of New Home, Office and Factory's Happiness, Peace, Progress and Good Prospect in Business.
In time when House or factory or shop etc purchase in resale at the time of entry Before Laxmi Yagna in the House or factory this Yagna is advice to be done in our Shashtra in which you get good benefits in time limit one year of this yagna done you are getting many best benefits.
This Satchandi yagna can be done in 3 to 5 days is arranged i.e goddes mata Krupa who is doing above yagna gets more good deeds (punya) and good best wishesh are fulfilled.
This Shashtra Chandi Yagna is great work done in which goddess gives mercy on us who can do Sahstra Chandi Yagna time taken 7 to 11 Days can be done and arranged one who person do this Yagna the godesses shows. Its mercy on us and give best good effects to self and its family.
This Laksh Chandi Yagna is one of the great work i.e goddesses excessive mercy done by the goddess in his fortune this Yagna can be done. All good deed is collect and the god's excessive mercy done by god which helps best good benefits and good wishes are achieved.
Shri Ganesh Yagna whose wishes are fulfill in muchich who is zero work is also satisfy by doing ganesh yagna, which gives good benefits in which 1008 ladu is offering in yagna. if this work is done satisfying way our best wishes is completed.
When the House's Jirnodhar work is completed its effect to be prevent or to avoid this yagna is essential present of life obstacle are avoid. It gives in Life happiness peace and sanubhuti effects in life.
This Vishnu Yagna can be done by mercy of Shri Vishnu God. Our best wishes and hapiness, peace and getting good wealth and good health in achieved this also helps our family's son daughter good health, good prosperous, good benefits and good development.